Wednesday, December 23


Here are our attempts at getting a picture for our christmas card. It's always an adventure and you never know what you might get.

1st. attempt. Owen cross-eyed and Fiona bug-eyed. Not sure how that happpened.

 A little better, but now Gwen is looking off somewhere else.

Third time's the charm! Perfect. Except for the the fact that the card is vertical and this will not work.
So we start all over.

Fiona won't have anything to do with it. I mention chocolate.

That always works. Except in the excitement I think her head it to tilted and Owen has a funny smile.

Again, change the pose a bit 'cause this has gone on long enough. Owen still smiling funny and Gwen is ready to call it quits. Attach bird ornament to top of camera. I wish I had a picture of that!

Good enough, that should work. And you know what I didn't even use it!

This is the picture I chose. After all this is what I take each month and it just works.

Here is what the card looks like. I used Basic Grey's Eskimo Kisses line, and a stamp set from Inkadinkadoo.

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  1. Bekki...
    I love ALL of em. Though I'm particularly fond of the one with Gweny in very front and all the siblings lined up behind with different looks and smiles... shows their great little personalities :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!
    Hugs from the Allen's


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