Monday, December 15


We went ot my parents house in Blacksburg for Thanksgiving this year so the whole family could be together. Both of my brothers also came. Carson with his wife, Jen and children, and Corey and his girlfriend, Caroline. We had such a GREAT time together. Here are lots of pictures to highlight our time together. I did not take all of these as my camera was getting fixed, so I was using my Mom's camera and Jen had hers.
On Wedensday it was warm so we played outside in the yard, a little tree climbing, frisbee, and football.
Hanging out with Aunt Jen. My youngest little brother Corey.
Fiona and Elizabeth with pigtails.
Playing hopsital.
Watching football from under the coffee table. Who knew it could be such a comfortable spot.
We went out to our favorite resturant Macados. We all have great memories here. I just loved Elizabeth's eye in this photo.My Dad with Fiona. Caroline and her massive Taco salad! Yes she did eat the whole thing minus the shell.
Carson kneading the bread dough. this is his favorite part of Thanksgiving making, I mean eating the rolls!

Dessert of apple pie.

The men did the dishes after the meal.

Then they rested while we put a puzzle together and watched the children.
These are some pictures from the hand in hand playground that we always go to. Its just down the street and the children love playing there.

All the cousins together. Owen(6), Elizabeth(6), Miles(7), Fiona(4), Andrew(3), and Gwen(2). So much fun to have them all close in age!
So thankful that we could all be together this Thanksgiving!

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