Wednesday, December 17

Decorating the tree

Here are a few shots of us decorating the tree. I never manage to take very many pictures as I am always busy making sure the ornaments are not getting destroyed. David does not participate in the tree decorating so I am left to manage it all on my own. We always have such a great time decorating and all the ornaments end up on the bottom and then later I will "redecorate" when the children aren't looking.

This is before I redistributed the ornaments, they are mostly in the front.

Fiona putting one of her ornaments on the tree.

Gwen taking pictures of the tree. She kept saying "nope, not right. Try again" It was so funny, she must hear me say that all the time.

Owen helping

And I didn't get any of Miles, he was so helpful and moved fast! It does look pretty all decorated and is very healthy so hopefully it will do well when planted.

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