Monday, December 15

Mountain Lake?

Many of you may have heard of Mountain Lake(in Virginia), after all it is where the film Dirty Dancing was made. Not that I was allowed to watch it when it came out it but all of my friends were in it! I did watch it when I was older and understand why my parents wouldn't let me see it. Anyway all that to say that we went hiking up there IN the lake. Yes, you read that right, IN the lake. Mountain Lake is on the top of the mountain with an underground spring below it. So every hundred years or so it drains out. Now is one of those times, there is only a small pool of water at the deepest part. So here are some photos of our hike.

This boat house used to sit at the waters edge and the pier was in the water. Where we are walking used to be the shore.

This is the deepest part of the lake.

The stream at bottom of the lake.

The family at the bottom of the lake.
What the mud looks like. If it wasn't so cold it would have been like quicksand in places. As it was it was really muddy.
What's left of the lake.
We saw all sorts of intresting things that were at the bottom, an anchor, old beer cans, lures, and an old boat.
Looking toward the lodge.

We went here for our honeymoon so I had my parents take a picture in the same spot for memories.
Mountian Lake Lodge.
The view from the lodge.
The gazebo that you used to be able walk right down to the water. My mom told me its starting to fill up again so I'm glad we went when at my parents for Thanksgiving.

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