Monday, May 9

A Welcome Wreath

One of the projects I wanted to finish up was a new wreath for the front door. I have never really had anything up for the spring and summer that I have liked or finished. Last year the wreath hung unadorned waiting for me to do something! I finally got around to it this year. Perhaps it was lack of inspiration or motivation, but this year I got it done!2011 05 02_1073 I think it looks quite welcoming for a potential buyer. I only spent about 5.00 on the greenery and rolled the flower rosettes out of leftover fabric. So simple! 2011 05 02_1074
Next up on the list is painting the front door. The first thing people will see is this door and the paint is peeling off!  Here is a photo of when we first moved in. Boys and Buldozers (4)And one of when the door was painted red. The color has faded so much!  Our Front Porch
What color would you paint it?

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  1. I like the red. You could paint the wreath hanger red when you paint the door. Miles looks so little in the picture! He has grown so much.


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