Wednesday, May 4

A New table for the kitchen

2011 05 03_1083 I often look at the Craigslist listings where my parents live to see if there might be anything interesting, after all it's a college town and well, just different than where we are at. I came across this table one evening and asked my Mom to see if it was still available. It was if she could come that day, otherwise it would go to someone else. Off she went to pick it up for 50.00! Of course it needed to be refinished. It is a lovely pine table made by Pennsylvania house that came with two leaves. I don't have a before of it all put together, but you can get the idea of the orange finish it used to have.
2011 05 02_1017
2011 05 02_0965

I I had been in search of a round table for a while, as the one we had before was a little to big for the space. This one is perfect and makes the kitchen look much bigger. That will be nice when we put the house on the market. Originally I was going to paint the chairs, but have decided to wait to see what our new house will look like and what color will look good for the chairs. 2011 05 03_1085
 I painted the pedestal and apron "Swiss Coffee" by Bher and used English chestnut for the glaze. The distressing and glaze really brought out all the beautiful details this table has. I just love it's feet!
2011 05 03_1087
So pretty!
2011 05 03_1088

I decided to stain the top with Ebony, which is a black finish. It really toned down the orange pine can have and gave it a warm brown finish while keeping the some red undertones. I wouldn't recommend this for every piece of pine, but it was perfect for this one. I then put two coats of polyurethane to take it home. I am currently adding 3 more coats to the top for durability. 2011 05 03_1092
We love our "new" table! This is the view from the living room into the kitchen. The little hutch was the first piece of furniture I ever refinished way back when I was in college. I paid 25.00 for it and it matched the old table. 2011 05 03_1082
This is the view into the kitchen and living room from the hallway. Yes, we still use baby gates, they keep our cat in the house because we don't have a screen, and she eats the flies that come in. It works perfectly. :)
2011 05 03_1080 And one more shot because I liked it!2011 05 03_1085

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  1. WOW!! That table is so, so beautiful! You have such an eye for these things and that you can do it with used furniture simply amazes me!! I have a difficult time envisioning things like this. My grandfather made a table that we have in our possession much like the original there that my parents tried to refinish and it's orange. I'm going to copycat this- hope you don't mind. You know what they say about imitation.

  2. Oh I love this! And I think your chairs are the same as the 2 I just painted myself :) I'm really really really liking the wood/ stained top with the painted bottom. For $50 and some can't beat it!

  3. Lovely! You make me want to find an old piece of furniture on Craig's List to refinish!

  4. What a beautiful job. Love the rustic stained top with the creamy finish. They compliment eachother perfectly!

  5. Lucky you! I have be searching for a round table on Craigs List as well. You did a nice job bringing it back to life.

  6. I love that table...beautiful! Come by & sign up for my continual giveaway...this week a $100 giveaway! And a few of my recent posts about furniture and bird cages...and a hilarious story about me! ;) Meme


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