Tuesday, December 21

the gift of bread

One of my favorite things is the arrival of my Aunt's gift at Christmas. It consists of a lovely white box with the name Boudin on the side in brown letters. Once you open it up the smell of sourdough fills the room.083 I admire the six soup bowl loaves she sends to us each year and then quickly wrap them all up for the freezer. I will have one for my birthday in March and save the others for other special occasions through out the year. Then I will pull the last loaf from last years package and warm it up for dinner savoring each bite of its wonderful flavor. Nothing beats a loaf or real San Francisco Sourdough Bread. Thanks Aunt Beth, every time we eat a loaf we are reminded of your generosity of such a wonderful gift.


  1. Yes it is the best bread will ever eat! One of the wonders of San Francisco. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

  2. I was born in SF so I know the bread you're talking of. LOVE IT! I learned a few years ago on Alton Brown's show why different sourdough can't compare to SF bread. It's because the bacteria in the air that create the sour dough vary from place to place. You CANT get SF bread anywhere but from SF! What a special treat!


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