Friday, September 3

What a mess!

Welcome to my garage, yes it has looked like this for 4 years. It does not look like this anymore, right now it actually looks worse, but my mother is here visiting and we are in the middle of re-organizing the entire space. I'll be busy this weekend putting it in order and share pictures when its all done. 110111112Have a great labor day weekend!


  1. I must admit, yours looks better than mine! The garage is such a frustrating space to work with!

  2. Hee hee, this looks clean! If we only had regular "garage-y" stuff I could organize ours in no time. Dh has a lot of automotive stuff/parts that I just don't know what to do with. Hope your organizing went well!

  3. I came over from just a couple of acres....Your Garage Looks IMMACULATE compared to are WALL to WALL packed Garage...Having STUFF is deffinately over rated...


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