Monday, September 20

What is wrong with this picture?

My cat loves to eat flies. Its like they are her dessert, and she prefers to catch them herself, alive. I believe that is why she jumped into the open cabinet and made herself at home. There are plenty of flies in the kitchen despite our attempts to control them. It's a side effect of living in the country and not having a good screen door. 176From now on I'll make sure the cabinets stay closed, at least most of the dishes were dirty at the time. Who know I would be thankful for dirty dishes one day?!


  1. Maybe I need to get a cat, haha! We live in the country too with a pasture and some chicken houses visible from our kitchen windows, so I know all about flies.

  2. I know what is wrong with the store your cups in the cat's bed! :) Our blue heeler likes to attempt to catch flies, especially horseflies.


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