Tuesday, January 24

School Room Updates

Hello there remember me? Smile I am rejoining the blog world after a nice long break. Even if it was unintentional. Between traveling to my brothers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Epiphany, sickness,  and life in general time just disappeared.
I thought I would show you one of the biggest things I have been working on the past couple of weeks. Our School Room and office! This room is rather small for 5 people to be in all day so having a place for everything is so important. I have been sorting, purging, and organizing and I am finally finished! It is so nice to be completely done! (Well unless we don’t move and then I will make more permanent changes)

Much is still the same. The buffet stores extra school games, science supplies, and the kindergarten stuff. On top of that is the children’s workbox. It holds their work books, Awana books, and other things they want to keep there. Hence the curtain it’s never neat and I can’t stand the mess!
On the top is office supplies, rulers, pencils, paint brushes, etc.
This is the other side of  the room. It has seen the most change. I added the expedit shelf from IKEA to gain more storage and the file holders from Ballard designs.
My brother and his wife gave us the map for Christmas. It just happens to be the perfect size to fit above the shelf, and perfect for our state studies. We had to switch to a dry erase board from the chalk due to allergies. I do miss my old board! The boxes on the bottom hold taxes, files, office supplies, and play dough. The basket is one that my husband made and the handle was broken. It now works perfectly for all of our flashcards.
My binders fit perfectly on the shelf. We use most of these daily.
I still love the jars of markers, crayons, and paint out of reach. I do keep some on the table within reach now that my youngest is 5, but I love having them up high as it keeps the messes controlled!
We store our science and history notebooks in these files where they are easy to access everyday.
This is my little corner or the Teacher’s desk and office.
Even the inside of the closet got organized! We keep our office supplies in here along with the printer and shredder. I like that my printer does not get as dusty sitting in the closet. My laminator sits on the top shelf along with more CD storage and school projects. The puzzles and games are on the next shelf. The middle shelf holds our paper and printer. The bottom shelf holds our state notebooks, computer supply storage and our file box of prepped lessons. Now when my husband comes in the room he doesn’t have to ask me where anything is, its all easy to locate!
So there you have the new and improved school room office. I don’t mind spending our days in here now that it is organized!


  1. Very nice space! Super organized too! I love everything about it, (especially the "My Father's World" alphabet cards on the wall)!

  2. It looks fantastic! Can I go to school at your house?
    So glad that you finally got it done.

  3. wow, that looks great. I am always interested in home schooling posts and how people do it. My child is very young, but it's something I think about, just have no idea how to go about it. Thanks for the little insight. :0)

  4. How inspiring! My shelves are a miserable mess. I would never ever take a picture of them. Well maybe I should as a "before" Just today, I pulled off some piles and started purging. Reading this was perfect!

  5. I've read your blog on and off for the past couple of years. Good to "see" you again. :) I noticed that we have the same school desk! I just found ours at a Goodwill for $2! My second grade girl is loving it! I just put some pics on my blog http://dearlylovedmist.blogspot.com/2012/02/changes.html Take care!

  6. Another crazy organization person!! And I saw your better binders!! I also have that snack tin, but it is in my kitchen. :) I am looking into a hanging system for our weekly files. Wonderful room!

  7. OH! Your room makes my heart flutter! I love it!

  8. Great ideas!!! The files hanging on the wall for the science and history notebooks. They are exactly what I've been looking for. What are they called and where do I get them?

  9. Diane, the file folders are from Ballard Designs. They are the only ones I could find that are big enough to hold a notebook and not just paper or magazines. They are called Wood Wall Pockets. I love them they are so sturdy and hold a ton of stuff!

  10. What a fantastic school room!! Thank you for sharing your ideas. Could you tell me where you purchased the black file boxes that fit in the IKEA cubbies? Thank you.

    1. The black bins are from Target. They come in various colors. Thanks for visiting.

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know where you purchased them. Could you tell me if they are the letter/legal size that snap together? If so, did you have an problems with them? Seems that the reviews are not that great for them. Thanks so much for all your help.

    3. No, they don't snap together. They are the ITSO bins. I think they still carry them, but I haven't been to Target in a while. We have had no problems with them and some get quite heavy with art and science experiment supplies.


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