Wednesday, January 25

Christmas Pajamas


I realize that Christmas was exactly one month ago, but I thought I would share the jammies I made for the children. I ended up not being able to finish the tops for the boys and purchased t-shirts that coordinated. It worked out fine, but I wish I could have gotten them done.


The children picked out the fabric they wanted, choosing green because they had never worn green before for Christmas. I just loved listening to them work it all out between themselves in the fabric store.

I finished them two days before Christmas, just in time for them to wear them for all of the festivities! Don’t they all look so excited?  This is what they think of pictures before opening presents. Then I remind them that the more they smile the faster we can be finished.






Pajamas are very easy to make, especially the boys pants. They only took me about two hours to put together. The gowns require a bit more work but are also very simple and I enjoyed working with the flannel. Much easier to work with than some other fabrics. Despite the fact that I was working like crazy to get them done I can’t wait to make some more and have all ready purchased fabric for next year!



  1. The shirts look so good with the boys jammie bottoms. The girls nighties look so warm and cuddly. I like the second picture best, and also the last one where the boys are sitting close to the girls. It's nice to have big brothers sometimes.
    Love, Omi

  2. these are so cute! Where did you get this pattern? i've always looked for this type of nightgown to sew for the girls.


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