Wednesday, April 6

A new dress for Fiona

I finished up one of the dresses I started for the girls. Fiona has a party at Church tonight and wanted to wear it. Thankfully I used an easy pattern for this one and was able to get it done on time.
This is Pattern # M5966. I used view B with the ruffle from A to make the dress longer. It is also a bit big on her as she is in between sizes.
Fiona chose the material for this one. I wanted her to have some input so she would be more likely to wear it. With sensory issues one never knows if she'll like something. 2011 04 06_0886I plan to add a bit of detail to the V neck line. I have found that V-necks are usually quite low in patterns, but was pleasantly surprised by this one, it's much higher than it looks and a bit of lace will finish it off nicely.2011 04 06_0891 
  She loves her new dress and has worn it all day. I knew it was a hit when she said it was like wearing pajamas. She would wear pajamas all day long if I let her.


  1. Its the perfect fabric for the dress. It looks so comfortable. Can't wait to see Gwennie in hers.


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