Tuesday, April 5

Boys Room Progress

Last week I decided to paint the boys room and the bathroom to a more neutral color. The boys are changing the theme of their room to outdoors and there will no longer be any blue in the room. So while I am working the boys are sleeping in the school room and I have not been able to access my computer much. I will be so glad when it is all done!

This is what the room looked like before. The baskets under the bed held toys. In our massive clean out they are now all empty!  We will use them for clothing instead of a dresser.

I haven't begun the process of switching to summer clothes yet as it has been so cold! I will do that as soon as the room is put back together. Right now the baskets are stacked up in the school room, but I think that they will work well for clothing and are easily accessible.2011 04 03_0878In the old room they each had their own dresser with the top drawer being for collections and special items. Mostly it became a junk drawer as it was so big and they could stuff whatever they wanted in there. You never know what you might find. 2011 04 03_0876We went through each and every box and got rid of most of it. The rest was put into a special treasure box that now sits in the closet. It's so much neater! They were so good about getting rid of things that it made the process go quickly. 2011 04 03_0877This is what the inside of the closet now looks like. We purchased an expedit shelf from IKEA to hold all of their things. They need a place to put the Lego's when they are all built and they are playing with them. Before they sat on the floor getting in the way and I was so tired of constantly stepping on those little pieces. They hurt!2011 04 03_0879The baskets on the bottom shelf hold their costume accessories, and spy gear. Anything else made it's way to the consignment sale of the basement toys shelf. I still need to add labels.

2011 04 03_08802011 04 03_0881

I can't wait to share finished pictures. It will be a while before I get to some of the art that I have planned, but the new bedding arrived today. As soon as we steam clean the carpets I can get the room back together. That is a another story in itself. I hope to share more on that as soon as I am able.

Even as exciting as it is to re-do a room and decorate a new space. I will miss the sailboat theme they had "when they were little". My mother made those quilts for them when they were toddlers and they loved them!


  1. I just redid my kids' room. Whew hard to do! But I have a son and a daughter and they share. It needed to be done :) Can't wait to see how it turns out...

  2. It looks good already. I bet the boys will be glad to sleep in their beds again. Almost done! Love the closet shelves. A place for everything and everything in it's place! The picture of the Boys is so good. You caught them at a perfect moment.


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