Thursday, January 8

First haircut

Today I took Gwen to get her hair cut. She has been needing it for a while but I know that the baby curls will be gone forever.
After bathing her this morning and pulling lint out of the ringlets I decided it was time. She wasn't to sure about sitting still but the promise of the lollipop at the end helped. Unfortunately she ate it so fast I didn't get a picture. I think she likes her new style as it dosen't get so tangled. Hopefully it will help it grow more evenly and fill in.

Last picture before cutting !
I'm not so sure about this, thankfully the hairstylist worked fast!
Her new style. She is pouting because she was done with me taking pictures. It looks so cute though and there are still some curls.

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  1. Very sweet! I just love those little curls :)

    Hey 'Red - I've left you a little surprise at my Project 365 blog -- look in the Jan 12 entry ;)

    Hugs - kim


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