Thursday, January 1

Days gone by.

New years seems to always make me stop and think about the things that have happened in the last year. Some noticable and some that slip through quietly and you don't even realize they have happened until later. 2008 was a big year for firsts and lasts. Gwen moved into Fiona's room to share bunkbeds, she was pottytrained in January and can count to 12 or so. All very big things for my baby, who really isn't a baby any more but insists that her name is Baby Gwen. Fiona learned her alphabet except for TUV, she still leaves those out. She can sing Away In A Manger and count to 30. But somewhere in all that the baby toys are gone, the potty seats are no longer needed, the changing table became a potting bench, and the crib is sitting in a corner in the basement. Fiona can buckle herself into the carseat, no one needs to be carried in the parking lot and they all help carry in the groceries. Owen and Miles both learned how to read, they can both count to 100, and money makes sense to them. And then the other day I noticed Miles bobby(blanket) sitting in the closet. He no longer needs it to go to sleep and he hasn't had a night time accident in 3 months. The boys also learned to ride their bikes, clean their rooms without help and Miles announced that he is to old for baths. Where did the time go? When did my babies grow up? Somewhere between dishes and laundry, scrapes and bruises, hugs and kisses, tears and laughter, yes; right before my eyes. Thank God for the photographs.


  1. OMGOSH Bekki - this is just wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes - I'm so glad I got to watch your babies grow for the last year. Can't wait to see how they continue growing this year! :)

  2. Bekki, This is just awesome. Your children have really grown this year and I loved looking at these photos.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your growing family, Hon -- the journaling is so heartfelt adn the photos are priceless...

    You've inspired me to make a similar post in my journaling blog!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, 'Red -- I'm so glad for getting to know you through the PoD group :)

    Hugs & Blessings - kimB

  4. Loved the photos. They are wonderful.
    Enjoyed reading your comments of your growing family. This blog is so nice to keep a record of your family. This wasn't available when my family was growing.

  5. I thought I just posted a comment but it didn't show up. I love all the pics, but especially the muddy pic. This was a great way to sum up the past year. I just changed my name from home depot queen to sher. (I also changed my pic to really confuse things, lol.) Have a great day!

  6. oh Bekki - WOW! This is powerful, poignant and such a fabulous idea! Many of those photos I've had the pleasure of viewing before in our photo-a-day and I thank you for sharing such special pieces of your life with us. Looking forward to another year of beautiful photos and shared memories,

  7. What a wonderful way to remember the year. Gwen changed so much last year! You have gorgeous children!

  8. That's it!!! I'll just have to have a kid so I can get my potting bench!!!

    Love the photos. The kitty in the paper is too cute. Perfect use, imo, for a changing table.

  9. Bekki, This is the best blog of yours ever! What a great way to watch your family grow. The pictures are fantastic. Love, Mom


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