Tuesday, January 25

A mantel for the season

I just finished up decorating my mantel for winter when I saw that Beth over at  Stories of A to Z   was hosting a Valentine's Mantel party. Never one to miss a party I decided I would be able to add in some love for the occasion, even if I am a bit late. I just couldn't think up what to do until I woke up this morning. Then it came to me suddenly and I had to put it together.  I made the children wait for breakfast while I gussied up the mantel. Don't worry they didn't mind one bit, they love the decorating as much as I do and were quite helpful with the design. Although helpful could be used rather loosely with children under the age of nine. :)
2011 01 25_0537
I left the mantel in it's winter mode and just added the birds, hearts and hanging letters.
2011 01 25_0538
The birds remind me of my grandma, cardinals were her favorite. I was quite excited to use these as I have tried to before and found my cat attempting to eat one. They should be safe up in the branches.
2011 01 25_0541 These letters were from Wal-Mart many years ago. I bought them half off as they were considered a Christmas decoration. I strung them up with some pink ribbon, and called it a day. Our art project later this week is a garland, once it is finished it will replace the glittered snowflakes.  
2011 01 25_0537


  1. Cute mantel. Thanks for the eye candy and ideas.

  2. I have those letters. I have the N as well so we have NOEL in the Christmas months and then LOVE after. See if you can find an N sometime. I think I got mine at Target.


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