Monday, November 23

Computer issues and a photo

I finally got my computer to upload photos from my camera. This poor thing is so old it kept crashing every time I tried. So after weeks of playing with things I think I got it figured out. I still don't have them all off the camera yet but it will happen soon. Unless my computer fails again. We are looking at getting a new one but I don't know when that will be. I have been so busy doing things around the house and fun things with the children I have so much to share! Plus it is almost time to decorate for Christmas and host Thanksgiving! For those of you who have been missing the photos of the children this ones for you. :)


  1. Bekki, What a great picture, can't wait to see them, oh.. yes.. and you and David too!

  2. Bekki, Thanks for the photo "fix" ......I really have missed seeing pics of them. I can't believe how big Fiona is and I love how long her hair is getting. The girls look so cute together like that. I had to laugh at Omi's comment.....I find myself having to add Brian and Janey to the end of my wistful longings......Somehow the adults always get overlooked in the excitement of seeing the grandkids :O)

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


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