Wednesday, February 11


Things have settled down a bit here in out waiting game. We are having some work done next week to spruce up the house and I will be painting the hallways and washing light fixtures and windows soon. We have chosen to put the sign in the yard on the first monday in March. That gives us plenty of time to get all the little things done. My mom will be coming up the last week of this month to help out so we don't get behind with our school. We just don't know how many days we might miss due to this move. David is waiting on 4 different possibilities and we really won't know anything for a couple of weeks and then he will probally begin the interview process. Mostly he has just been submitting resumes and introduction phone interviews trying to get some leads. I am still sorting and purging and organizing in preperation for moving. Here are some pictures of my progress. Its mostly in the scrapbook room right now, that seems to have the least amount of order, probally due to the fact that I never had much time to spend in there before. Now that Gwen is almost three I can find a few minutes here and there to get something done, and I knoe how hard it was the last time to move a disorganized space. I ended up not scrapbooking for almost a year. That put me so far behind and completely overwhelmed. I don't want that to happen again. This time there are labels on everything!

Everything has a home and all like things are together. I went with one floss drawer instead of three boxes. I have one drawer for each child. It has their first pair of shoes, coming home outfit, hospital bands, measurements and other such inportant stuff.
My desk is now clean so when I do work it is easy to put it all away and all the things I use the most are close at hand.
This is my new sign for my room, I had the letters for over a year, just finishing projects is getting rid of some of the disorganization.
This is my stamp, and ribbon corner. All within reach and easy to see and use. This is my glitter and stickles storage, I read somewhere that storing them upside down would help keep them from getting clogged so I used velcro dots to attach them to the shelves. This sits to the right of my desk also within reach.
I just love going in there now its so peaceful and inspiring. To bad I have to take it all apart and move it. Isn't that the way it always goes as soon as you get something just right.

Monday, February 2


I was sitting here reading an e-mail when baby chick started crying. I quickly turned around only to hear. "Mommy, the chair stepped on my toe!" She wasn't hurt just mad at the chair. LOL.


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