Tuesday, September 24

weekend review

It was another busy weekend here at our house. The tomatoes are still coming in so I made another batch of spaghetti sauce. It's taking me longer this year due to how juicy the tomatoes are. I tend to dice them and then let them sit overnight and then strain some of the water out of them before I make the sauce. It seems to be working and I am getting the thickness we like, It just takes a bit more time.

3/4 of a bushel of carrots!

 David spent Saturday cleaning up the yard and garden. He tilled in the old bean rows and harvested the carrots. This is the first time we have gotten a decent crop out of our little garden. I am so excited to have carrots. I hope to can some of them for winter storage. We don't have a good root cellar to keep them over until spring. I'll put that one on the list for someday.

After tilling he and the children planted buckwheat for our cover crop. Hopefully we can harvest it and eat it as a little experiment. I do wish we had more space to grow everything we need. However God provides and this little patch have given us an abundant harvest this year.

I managed to take some time to get to the good will. I am on the hunt for more jars as most of mine are full. I was blessed with 27 jars on Wednesday last week from a friend at church. I had forgotten that I mentioned I was looking for more! Then I came across 24 more for 50 cents each. Usually I don't pay that much for jars but when you need them it's still cheaper than new ones. I like older jars better anyway they tend to not break as easily for me. Oops, I must have all ready started to wash them when I took the photo.

I also found this little bread box. It will fit right in in my kitchen and it was only a dollar. I love little finds like this.

How was your weekend? 

Monday, September 16

Meet Inky

I thought I would introduce the newest member of the family. After out last cat passed away from a heart condition we knew we would eventually want to get another one. Last year about this time my sister in law posted a picture on facebook of an adorable black kitty that they found on their door step. As much as my sister in law loves cats they could not keep him and so it came to live with us.


This was soon after we got him, he was such a tiny little thing! He is a true alley cat and loves to scrounge for food, especially apples and applesauce.


The bandit cat. 


He loves to go outside and chase bugs and generally getting into trouble.

He loves to nap in the afternoon sun in all sorts of strange cat positions.

And lets not forget drinking out of the toilet. 

He also loves his dinosaur, it is his best friend. 

He is such a wonderful addition to our house, well maybe not his litter box. 


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