Friday, January 28

Cabin Fever

Need a little distraction from the monotony of winter?
Play with your food.
2011 01 24_0051

Tuesday, January 25

A mantel for the season

I just finished up decorating my mantel for winter when I saw that Beth over at  Stories of A to Z   was hosting a Valentine's Mantel party. Never one to miss a party I decided I would be able to add in some love for the occasion, even if I am a bit late. I just couldn't think up what to do until I woke up this morning. Then it came to me suddenly and I had to put it together.  I made the children wait for breakfast while I gussied up the mantel. Don't worry they didn't mind one bit, they love the decorating as much as I do and were quite helpful with the design. Although helpful could be used rather loosely with children under the age of nine. :)
2011 01 25_0537
I left the mantel in it's winter mode and just added the birds, hearts and hanging letters.
2011 01 25_0538
The birds remind me of my grandma, cardinals were her favorite. I was quite excited to use these as I have tried to before and found my cat attempting to eat one. They should be safe up in the branches.
2011 01 25_0541 These letters were from Wal-Mart many years ago. I bought them half off as they were considered a Christmas decoration. I strung them up with some pink ribbon, and called it a day. Our art project later this week is a garland, once it is finished it will replace the glittered snowflakes.  
2011 01 25_0537

Monday, January 24

One Month

I didn't realize that's how long it's been since my last post. It feels like only days. Much has happened since Christmas. The biggest change is our new piano! My husband bought one for us for Christmas and I had to make room for it. We had been talking about purchasing one for years so where to put it was not a problem. Pianos are rather touchy and so there was only one choice for our house. Welcome to our music room.

2011 01 24_0003There used to be a book shelf and an old Victrola on this wall. This meant removing the books and getting rid of half of our collection.

2011 01 24_0125  It took us an entire week to go through them all, touch up walls, rearrange the furniture, and make the trip to the goodwill. On the day it arrived everyone had to play and try it out. 2011 01 24_0090

2011 01 24_0001What do you think? I have some plans for more art above the piano and new wall color. We also need a lamp to be able to read the music clearly so the decor will be changing. I am on the lookout for a better sofa(no more red), chairs and perhaps white washing the tool chest/coffee table.   The curtain rods also need to be replaced as they are not sturdy enough and are pulling out of the wall. 2011 01 24_0004 This is now the room where everyone wants to be and its one of the smallest rooms in our home. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that is one of the warmest.


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